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Marketing Plan for Red Lion


A marketing plan is important for any business. Its aim is to increase the profits of business. The strategic marketing strategy and marketing plan fit combined in that both are important for the success of a company (Roman, 2004). Without a marketing plan, corporations can become unsure in marketing attempts. The aim of the marketing plan is to support companies reach their goals of marketing. The marketing plan must be a succinct, comprehensible, and carefully planned that serves as a direction through the marketing plan (Kotler, 2008). It must concentrate on the aim of the marketing and the goal to perform that aim.


The purpose of marketing plan can appear clear, but through putting it up front and in writing, the company will stay concentrated on its goal. Several companies consider their marketing strategy is about enhanced exposure, obtaining press, writing cool ads, and the like. These are not aims; they are tools (Roman, 2004). The end outcome of any of these is to enhance income. It is of little importance to have a plan if the company lacks either the knowledge or the resources to use it. Because every plan should focus different exclusive considerations, it is not logical to recognise every essential aspect at an important position.


The philosophy of Red lion pub was to make an old world pub style situation that attracted it high-end customers and presented great consumer service (Robert, 2010). With its latest plan Red lion pub also prepares to give speciality in-house, local, and international brands of beer to attract latest sort of consumers on various important events.

Business Objectives/Goals

With respect to the complication facing Red lion, it must focus for an increase sales income throughout the important events, make budget of marketing and enhance awareness of consumers.

Marketing Audit

The Red Lion Pub is a normal pub presenting fresh, prepared from scratch menu items in a relaxed environment marking authentic English fare made from high-class, fresh ingredients ready to request of customer (Robert, 2010). It presents alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and pub style food. Normally promotion with flyers and have daily specials. The target market is teens and people in the area especially in different events.

SWOT Analysis

This SWOT analysis captures the important strengths and weaknesses within the Red lion pub, and defines the opportunities and threats facing managers of pub.


  • Offerings of excellent and specialized service.
  • Enthusiastic and well-trained staffs.
  • Strong connection with corresponding service presenters.


  • The focus of a small position of the market that will restrict the possible extent of the market.
  • The problem of producing visibility and awareness of the pub in time of events.
  • The incapability to quickly scale to achieve large, unanticipated enhances in requirement.


  • A rising market of pubs that are outsourcing activities of event planning.
  • Being one of the first service presenters focusing on this particular position.
  • Comparatively low overhead.


  • A fall in the market that could have a current impact on service presenters.
  • Future opposition from current service presenters competing in dissimilar but complimentary market.


The Red Lion Pub has been a famous bar in the heart of UK (Kotler, 2008). Currently pub has observed a drop in its customers due to the increase of microbreweries in the area. To successfully struggle with this latest danger, the objectives of Red Lion are to attract consumers especially in the times of special events and to give excellent products than that of its latest opponents.

Target Market Segment Strategy

Over the last few years, The Red Lion has observed a failing style in sales. Much of this is due to the addition of microbreweries in the region (Simon, 2008). Several consumers are taking benefit of the production for varieties of beer. The segmentation of market is separated into the important target markets. The division demonstrates the variations in marketing plan that will be applied to focus every particular market.

  • Middle class, "white collar" people from the downtown area.
  • Weekend and late nighter's partiers.

Keys to Success

To be successful The Red Lion should:

  • Apply a strong marketing and advertisement campaign to define the current customers and the people of their latest image.
  • Buy latest equipment of brewery.
  • Keep the services of a famous brew master.
  • Make image of brand and equity of brand through marketing.

Red Lion Pub exists in an important aggressive business whose situation makes low income due to the high amounts of stress placed upon opponents from consumers, other rivals, suppliers, products of opponents (Rhonda, 2003). This has made a fragmented business in which no one contestant has important share of market. Consumers have a vast deal of influence and power in this business since virtually there are no switching costs. Consumers generally go to additional than one bar or pub to drink and socialize. Moreover, as this pastime is extremely famous, the general importance for life of the consumer is unchanged if they decide to miss following it.

The competition among other bars, taverns, pubs, etc. is particularly strong. This is because a large number of them are there in the area that is comparatively similarly balanced in terms of popularity, resources and size. Since growth of business is small, strong moves are there through all opponents to achieve share of market at the cost of others. In this kind of situation, Red Lion tries to cut costs, enhance products and services and cut charges (Rhonda, 2003). This consecutively makes revenge among opponents and guides to lower income.


Presently few other pubs are there that present event planning particularly to individuals. They, lean do events that are additional common in extent like parties to reward consumers or staffs, or events to modify the image of company (Simon, 2008). No pub is there is that specializes in event preparation of product release and training events. No pub is also there that specializes in wedding and other events. Pubs are there that do present this service, but they do not expert in it.

Strategy and Implementation

Plan of Red Lion is to influence its current advantages of area, made customers, and status; and join this with its latest brewery to make an important added service or product knowledge to its current consumers and to increase appeal to attract the beer appeal to pub on essential events. The Red Lion looks to make a value-added method about events to its drinking establishment and bring in latest consumers to obtain both a higher income than early experienced and enhance general productivity through fresh consumers (Kotler, 2008).

Pricing Strategy

Pricing of items should keep initially reasonable with their opponents. Management does prepare to price their in-house beers rather additional than their other products to demonstrate costs of production (William, 2011). This is general within the business and can make greater income. If Red Lion is capable to get a large number of fresh consumers, then management will think an augment in general prices to demonstrate their recognized exclusive status.

'A' boards

'A' boards are a common but excellent style of marketing pub. An 'A' board is a free-standing, double-sided chalkboard that can be put outside pub to promote events, products, offers etc. It can be placed to support motorists and pedestrians find, with to promote events and offers (Simon, 2008).


Not commonly notion of as a style of communicating, flags are extremely excellent for attracting concentration as they flutter in the breeze, and are so excellent for making consciousness (Tim, 2000). Red Lion can create excellent implementation of flags to keep the eye of passing motorists and differentiate themselves from their opponents.


Menus must be apparent, efficiently given, and have mouth watering definitions of the products pub is giving (Tim, 2000). Different pubs present free plan and printing of menus for their consumers and are significance considering. Menus can also be applied to market drinks through suggesting beers and wines that praise the dishes.

Staff Shirts

Staff must constantly be smartly presented and uniforms of staff are a method of working this. Shirts of employees can also be a style of marketing events and products to their consumers (Simon, 2008). Messages can be demonstrated on the shirts: a common but excellent style of communicating with consumers.

Bar Displays

Survey of Red lion must be presented as their 'shop window' and is so their major place for marketing their products. Their back area of bar is the ideal place for displays of product. These can be applied to start latest drinks and ones with high income margins.


The remarkable improvement in users of internet over the last some years is set to prolong. Having pub personal website made is comparatively cheap and can be a great style of marketing Red lion pub. Focus consumers of pub speak whether a website would be helpful. Having a website can attract latest consumers and be a method of their current consumers keeping up to date with events at pub.

Public Relations to Achieve Coverage of Media

Public relations, or PR as it is identified, are excellent styles of promotion. It must be at the top of list of methods to market Red Lion pub. It is small applied through licensees only because most of them consider it is additional difficult than it in fact is. PR performed excellent can produce media coverage free, which would cost pub a similar of thousands or hundreds of pounds in paid marketing.

Expected Result

Sales Forecast

These tables and illustrations demonstrate current sales forecast.

(William, 2011)

Important Assumptions

Financial Plan of Red Lion depends on different essential theories - most of which are demonstrated in the following table.

The important assumptions are:

Sales Forecast

  • Enough access to capital.
  • Stable economy without an important depression.
  • No unexpected radical customer changes.

Important Financial Indicators

  • Keeping normal collection days at 30 days or below is very compulsory as this could become an important cause of cash flow troubles for the first year.
  • Gross income should keep above 45%.

(William, 2011)

Break-even Analysis

The Break-even Analysis table and chart explain that if the costs keep at the current, or comparatively even, level Red Lion will be capable to make an enhanced income through the next year. The point of break-even is about £70,000 monthly.

(William, 2011)

Projected Profit and Loss

This table demonstrates expectations of pub for Profit and Loss. The pub will start to create an excellent income in its next year of operation.

(William, 2011)

Proposed Cash Flow

This table and chart demonstrate the proposed Cash Flow for Red Lion Pub.

(William, 2011)

Alternative Plans and Mix

Markets modify and many modify rapidly. Tastes of consumers, technology, and latest products of opponents are some of the motives for these modifications (Linda, 2008). If the level applied through a brand is excellent, if it was the first to define the status and the position is being repeatedly reinforced with simple and apparent messages, then there can be some requirement to change the level actually applied. Red Lion needs to be prepared and ready to move their brands as the comparative positions occupied through brands, in customer's minds, will be confronted and moved around on a common basis. Repositioning is complicated to achieve, normally because of the fixed views and approaches held through buyers towards products and the vast (media) resources needed to establish the modifications. Moving is important task that turns around the product and the method it is communicated. Four important styles are there to approach moving a service or product.

  • Modify the style a product is transferred to the real market
  • Modify the target market and present the similar product
  • Modify the tangible features and then communicate the latest product to the similar market
  • Modify both the target market and the product

In deciding approaches of communication, it is essential to apply different systems as can be performed successfully. Different methods will reach a wider audience, and many customers will be influenced through different methods. The funding in promotion is a bet on upcoming income.


The Qualitative aims for the Red Lion Pub are to make a budget for marketing. This has to be the major aim of the Pub; money requires being due every year for a promotion budget. Pub must identify how much money they can use every year to improve company. Development will be encouraged though a long-term loan of £390,000 for the suggested brewery development and investment of owner. This will maintain early development manageable and slow, and will permit the company to have full command over the pub (Linda, 2008).

Implementation Program

Red Lion plans to promote its latest brew pub through magazine and newspaper articles, concentrating mostly on amusement and lifestyle publications. Moreover the pub will run commercials in domestic journals and prepares to raise billboard promotions. Early information with other pubs and brew pubs defines that radio is a particularly helpful tool to this business and management programmes to run commercials with three of the local radio stations most listened to through young experts aged 25-40 (Linda, 2008). To make sure the highest competence from this marketing, pub has engaged the services of a marketing consulting company. Articles and ads are planned to start about one month after the brewery starts operation.


The process of evaluation at the end of the first quarter will be constant during the year; this can support administration of Red Lion Pub to keep track of the success of those marketing strategies connected with this plan. Accounting record is helpful for manager to match the return outcomes from a marketing plan with the cost connected to it; so assessment for every plan can be prepared to remove those unsuccessful methods of promotion. Conversely, the feedback of survey gathered from the consumers or the surrounding people in the region is an important knowledge for pub to get the level of the contentment for its focus market and to understand whether their consciousness has been increase through the marketing plan or not. Many plans must be constant over the year depends on their success that manager assessed each quarter.


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