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Is Fashion Design Business or Art

Research Proposal


For centuries individuals have put different messages in the style of dress they wore. In earlier time individual began desiring to be clear from the gathering and be especial from other individuals through styles of modifying their dress(Jen, 2007 18-19). Different examples of these "standing out"became extremely famous and were pursued through additional individuals. This was the time when fashion design emerged.


Currently fashion design is normally demonstrated as a continuallymodifying style, supported for light-hearted rather than intellectual or logical reasons. However, it is compulsory to define that at the presently fashion design a great impact on the life of people and have additional than only perkymotives for its presence(Fiore and Kunz, 2004 835-849). Fashion design has become an important part of self-realization of every individual.

Research Questions

The research will discover the following questions:

  • How do people observe fashion design?
  • Do people consider fashion design as a business?
  • Do people have optimisticperception about fashion design as an art?

Research Objectives

The major objective of this research is to discover the fashion design as a business or as an art.

Literature Review

Fashion and identity

The style of dressentirely depends on the individual who is wearing it; so it becomes animage of his view of himself, which guidespeople to the term – personal personality(Creswell, 1994 45-47). The selection of dress and design is a compulsory as recognition through the colour of hair, height, gender and skin.

Fashion design as an Art

Fashion is one of the important arts of society. It demonstrates the vast civilisations of the past, demonstrating the features of individual cultures over the hundreds years, equal to sculptures and paintings. Additionally, it is declared to be an additional perfect indicator than the other visual arts since it influencespeople and not solely a particular group of the society. In fact, fashion design presently is everywhere, with the support of globalization. The trouble with this is that world of fashion has observed an important shift in the method in which styles of fashion are decided away from an essentialconnection between fashion design and the factors of local situation towards the authoritythrough global capitalism of fashion design.According to Creswell(1994), "classic oppression in the closed culture of high fashion design, joint with its physical and psychological distance from its common audience, has reduced its influence on mass fashion design in culture as a whole"(Creswell, 1994 45-47).

Fashion as a Business

The business of fashion design is a creative, exploding and excitingindustry. Even though people might realise like their fantasies of becoming a fashion designer are far-fetched, steps out are there people can take to really obtain this dreams. The fashion design business is anaggressive one, but a suitable education might becorrectly the advantage people need(Azuma and Fernie, 2003 413-427). If they have an excellent logic of fashion and style manufacturing interests them, then it is compulsory to observe the excellent fashion design institutions obtainable. Only with cautiousstudy can be sure that they are making the perfect decision. The business of fashion design can be confronting and people will have an excellent opportunity of success if they are doing what they love.

Communication through Fashion

Communication through its description is considered to be bilateral. So if an individual carries an excellent individual message to the individuals outside what is the reaction from their side? The reaction is the response on the dress the individual it wearing.

Symbolism of Clothing

It is no amazement to any of the people who at least identify what fashion is that the dresses that they wear are normally very representative(Azuma and Fernie, 2003 413-427). The representation of dress is another part of presenting the message that an individual attempts to put into it. The representationcan touch any scope.

Culture and Fashion Design

As every individual belongs to a culture and has the power to disclose it, individual personality can normally be modifiedthrough identity of culture (Tiffany, 2008 22-23). Cultural individuality is the style of personality that is connected to a separate group or a culture.


The purpose of this research proposal is to investigate whether fashion design is a business or an art. Here I will discuss the methodology of this research. This section discusses the data, sample design, data collection method, and weighting procedure.

Data Analysis

The use of a systematic method of recording articles, appraising and pooling literature will be maintained and an online library will be created for easy access of information. The analysis of the gathered or collated data is very important to achieve the objective of the study. The research will adapt a data analysis process to measure and analyse the collected data.

Results and Discussion

The research is intended to provide information regarding the understanding of the fashion design. There is a vast amount of information needed to be able to conduct this research to investigate whether fashion design is a business or an art


Fashion design possesses a particular definition and the more different is the society around people the more fashion-trend will emerge and surprise them. As long as it does not hurt individuals around symbols of fashion design are acceptable, however as considering about fashion design as a business or an art it is compulsory to remember the all sides of the matter. Fashion design is through it still remains a twofold concern but there are different optimisticfeatures one can share and enjoy with other individuals.


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